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November 2020: Kyla has new reviews of Kim Wilkin's Grimoire, and Christian Read's Dead City.

September 2019: Kyla has new reviews of Gillian Polack's The Year of the Fruitcake, and Christian Read's Snake City.

June 2019: Kyla has added reviews of Alan Baxter's Devouring Dark, Narrelle M. Harris's The Opposite of Life, and Greg Chapman's The Netherkind.

May 2019: Kyla now has a dedicated website at

July 2018: Kyla has more reviews: Lucy Sussex's The Scarlet Rider, Kaaron Warren's Tide of Stone, Queenie Chan's The Dreaming, and Laura E. Goodin's After The Bloodwood Staff.

July: Kyla has reviewed Nil-Pray by Christian Read, and The Body Horror Book edited by C. J. Fitzpatrick.

June 2017: Kyla has reviewed The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren, and Lotus Blue by Cat Sparks.

October: Kyla has reviewed Justine Larbalestier's My Sister Rosa.

September 2016: Kyla has reviewed Gary Kemble's Bad Blood, Gillian Polack's The Time of the Ghosts and Greg Chapman's Hollow House.

July 2015: Kyla has reviewed Gary Kemble's Skin Deep.

June 2015: Kyla has reviewed Gillian Polack's The Art of Effective Dreaming.

September 2014: Kyla has reviewed Kirstyn McDermott's Perfections and Dirk Flinthart's Path of Night.

December: Kyla has reviewed Marty Young's 809 Jacob Street, and we cleaned up the Aus Horror Links some (possibly not enough).

June: Kyla has reviewed Christian Read's Black City.

April 2013: Kyla reviews Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead by Rob Hood.

December 2012: Kyla reviews Salvage, by Jason Nahrung.

Kyla reviews The Eldritch Kid: Whisky and Hate.
October 2011: The Land of Bad Dreams has been released: a book of poetry by Kyla. The site includes some great videos from the launch.

An interview with Kyla has been reprinted from Eye of Fire.

January 2011: We have reviewed Clowns at Midnight by Terry Dowling.

April 2010: We have reviewed Carmilla Hyde.

February 2010: We have reviewed Daybreakers and The Wolfman.

December 2009: We have reviewed Wake in Fright, and added the beautiful The Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes to the comic gallery.

April 2009: We have interviewed Rocky Wood about his latest project, Stephen King: The Non-Fiction.

February 2009: Our review of Shadowmuse, a gothic play running in Sydney, is up.

January 2009: Kyla has a story up at Ticonderoga Online: A tour of the city of assassins. She also reviews the Under the Blue Moon goth festival.

October, 2008: Another competition: win a double pass to Dying Breed, in Australian cinemas November 6.

October, 2008: Australian residents: win a double pass to Saw V, in cinemas October 23.

July, 2008: All Tomorrow's Zombies has received an honourable mention for best writing in the 2008 Ennie Awards. Black Magazine: Australian dark culture is now in Australian newsagents, with a column by David and much else besides. Kyla will be in upcoming issues. A lot of new comics have also been added to the gallery.

We have a special movie ticket giveaway for people who can get to Sydney on the 16th of May, to see Carrie and The Honeymoon Killers at the Chauvel. Details are here.

May 10, 2008: I have added new comics to the gallery, including Prometheus Pan and A Guy in a Chicken Costume Who Laid an Egg!. Indeed.

November 13: We have added a review of Gabriel.

August 19: Updated the comics gallery, including The List and The Canberra Heresy.

June: Kyla has an article on Australian Gargoyles in this month's Art Monthly Australia (issue 200). Read her journal entry.

April 4: Kyla has written a review of Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur.
May 30: All Tomorrow's Zombies, by David Carroll and Jason Vey, is the Science Fiction supplement for All Flesh Must be Eaten. It is now available for purchase in PDF form (the real book will follow shortly).

April 23, 2007: We have reviewed the Night of Horror Short Film Festival, which will hopefully be the start of a big new thing.

We have added another article from Rick Kennett, this time about his time presenting SF, Fantasy and Horror radio: Pilots into the Unknown: A reminiscence.
November 15: We have an interview with Will Elliott about his sensational new book, The Pilo Family Circus.

October 21: Added Michael Farrell's fascinating collection of poetry Break Me Ouch to the Comic Gallery.
October 16: Congratulations to Keith Nielsen of Texas, who won a copy of our novel Prismatic in our Horror Day competition.

October 1: Added another link to Heroes & Villains: Australian Comics and their Creators, an exhibition at the State Library of Victoria.
September 30: Added a link to A Night of Horror, a new horror film festival in Sydney.

September 11: We have added a new interview: author Dale Bailey talks about his story 'Death and Suffrage', and how it was adapted to the screen in Masters of Horror. Thanks to Alex Pitofsky for the interview.

July 21: We've created a new crossword for cryptic puzzle fans, in aid of the AHWA: Australian Horror Crossword #1.

June 22: Added Wake in Fright to our occasional series of information about Australian films.

June 4: protecting the site against spam, with judicious use of JavaScript. It's probably a bit late now, but oh well.

May 20. If you've come via the front page, you may notice a big change: we're excited to announce our first novel, written under the name Edwina Grey, is coming soon from Lothian Books. Check out the Prismatic website.

May 15: We've added a few more comics to the Comics Gallery, and also the US press kit for The Boys, Rowan Woods' excellent debut.

April 19: Added a small gallery of photos from Conjure 2006.

March 12: I've been playing around with formatting, including fonts and heading colours. I've also indicated which page you're currently on using the sidebar. If you see any problems with layout or formatting on the site, or have any trouble reading any of it, please contact us.

February 12: Kyla's Dead Europe review has been revised. I have updated information and scans for a few titles in the comic gallery, including Christian Read's Witch King, and, for those paying particular attention, the order of the Comics Timeline has been reversed.
February 5, 2006: Kyla's story 'The Bat's Boudoir' has been published in Shadows Realms issue 9, the special femme fatale issue called Redback.

December 29: Kyla has reviewed Christos Tsiolkas' fascinating novel, Dead Europe.
December 27: Added a link to David's story The Grail, published by Ticonderoga Online.
December 22: Iain reviews Two Evil Eyes for us, and we have added the Australian comic Vampire! to the gallery, dating from 1975.

November 23: Iain Triffitt reviews the 2005 EyeScream Film Festival for us.
November 19: We've organised all our Australian horror links and put them in one place. If you want your site listed, drop us a note.
November 4: Updated the Links page.

October 9: We've added a gallery of our trip to the Old Manly Quarantine Station Ghost Tour.
October 3: We're still reprinting old articles on or by Australian horror people. Rick Kennett knows a lot about ghosts and various other nasties, and here he is talking about The Twilight Zone, Earth vs the Flying Saucers, The Ship That Died of Shame, This Island Earth and two bibliographies: Great Ghost Stories, and The Ghost Book.
October 2: We've got a new movie review up, in which Rob Hood looks at White Noise, starring Michael Keaton.

September 28: the Australian comic gallery now has over 300 titles in it. High fives.

July 27: Added two new comics to the gallery, old and new: Fantastic Australian Heroes and Hairbutt the Hippo: Funnies. Also added links to two groovy looking resource sites, Aussie Comics and Hayase! Wiki.
July 11: We are happy to announce more reprinted content, to keep these articles available. This is Rick Kennett's Finding Carnacki the Ghost Finder, which talks about the writing of his book No. 472 Cheyne Walk.
July 9: Dave Hoskin has kindly agreed to let us reprint his interviews with the Spierig Brothers (directors of Undead) and Martin Murphy and Ian Iveson (makers of Lost Things). Both interviews have previously appeared in Metro Magazine.

June 30: We've added a review of the freaky local movie, Lost Things.

June 5: Added 14 new titles to the comic gallery (after discovering the Phase Two Comics on-line shop), and also culled dead links from the comic links page.

April 24: Ben Peek recently interviewed 43 writers, editors and publishers of Australian speculative fiction to create the 2005 Snapshot, and we're proud to host the results on the TR website. Interviews with both David and Kyla are included.

April 17: Kyla has a new piece of artwork which has just appeared in Fables and Reflections #7.
April 13: Information about the fabulous new anthology of giant monster mayhem, Daikaiju!, has been added. David has a story in the book.

March 30: Added the American version of the Jackaroo to the Gallery.
March 13: Added my Angel character Daniel Polson to the Character Vault. Also, Haven has been included in the comics gallery.

January 5: And added Meus Officium est Abyssus as well.
January 1, 2005: and a Happy New Year. New additions to the gallery have been put up, including The Eldritch Kid, I & I and Sporadic.

December 24: Merry Christmas all. We have new reviews of The Black Crusade by Richard Harland, and The Road by Catherine Jinks.

November 5: Added Eat Comics to the gallery, and a link to on-line manga producers

October 31: Kyla reviews the 2004 EyeScream Film Festival.

September 5: Added some comics from Australian artist Dakanavar to the gallery.

August 26: Added Ryan Vella's adapation of John Birmingham's He Died with a Felafel in his Hand to the comic gallery. How cool.

August 17: One of the oddest titles to hit the gallery has appeared: Keychain Comix. It's not kidding.
August 11: We are very pleased to reveal out latest interview, Kirsten Bishop, acclaimed author of The Etched City.

August 8: David's story 'Relish' (concerning zombies and a certain famous film director) is on Ellen Datlow's recommended list of 2003, appearing in the 17th annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

July 22nd: Just some little pieces here and there. The Eyescream film festival gets a note in News, a local DVD release of The Roly Poly Man is coming, and the Journal is back, at least while I'm working on the as-yet-mysterious book.

June 15: Firstly, I'm working on a new book, although you'll have to wait a while for details. I've added a link to a new fun-looking Aussie comic, The Adventures of Joe Johnson. Also, if you want to check out my reviews of the comics from this year's Supanova (and the fallout), go to my review thread on the OzComic Forums.

June 4th: Speaking of Evan Paliatseas, we now have some of his BT contributions up: including the excellent poem The Bomber, and the Doctor Who stories Forgotten Memories and The Rushing of Blood.
June 2nd: We've added a link to the new page of our old friend, Evan Paliatseas: Plot Device, for selling freefroms (LARPs) and the like. There's also a very interesting-looking comic called Blue just added to the Gallery.

May 9th: New comics are up in the gallery. Check out the 2004 listing for recent releases.
May 7th: We have a new review of Colin Eggleston's classic Aussie nature thriller Long Weekend.
May 2nd: See the new Photo Galleries, from Conflux '04 and Supanova '04.

April 19: Tonia Walden has provided a great illo for the Phalanx member Ex Machina.
April 11: Gary Wong has illustrated my character Sun Strike, which looks fabulous.

March 11: A new comic has appeared in the gallery: Once Upon a Time.
March 8: Just some minor additions here and there, including two new FAQ questions: Can you help me find a video? and What didn't you write?
March 4: We have a new hosted site, due to roleplaying connection: James Adams Historical Enterprises.

January 31: I've added Melissa Weldon, a d20 Cthulhu character, to the RPG Character Vault. Also, the name of the upcoming Angel book has been annouced: The Angel Investigators Casebook.

January 26: It's Australia Day, so we are celebrating by trying to find out everyone's favourite vampire movie. Of course. So if you want to join in, go to Best Vampire Flicks? (no lj registration required).


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