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The Games

The Mission of the Necromancer

Once upon a time a party of brave, but inexperienced adventurers were summoned by a powerful, but somewhat strange mage to go on a perilous quest for an artefact of great power. If they succeeded then the rewards would be great; should they fail, however.... well, let's not be pessimistic. 6 hour game run Summer 1989 -1990 and Winter 1990.
Cursed Treasure of the Black Knives
1.5 - 2 hour exhibition game at Cancon '90
Monster Bash! ! !
Not precisely a game, run between sessions at SydCon '90.

The Rescue

Once in every adventurer's life a cry for help comes to spark a quest. Could this be your turn to perform the most noble of deeds... the Rescue? 2.5 - 3 hour game first run in Summer 1990 - 1991 and every season thereafter.

The Wildlands

Another day in the Wildlands of Dægar... each day an adventurer's life holds something new. 2.5 - 3 hour game first run in Summer 1990 - 1991 and every season thereafter.

The Morning After

Last night's merriment now turns to a dull, throbbing headache and your belly churns. A distant memory of a figure in black? A bunch of magas? A roadside ditch? What could all this mean? 2.5 - 3 hour game first run at Cancon '91, then adapted to run in Summer 1991 - 1992 and every season thereafter.

There's A Light

No currency in the Wildlands is as acceptable as a favour from the Shaman's Guild. And the job seems so simple; rescue a shaman from a band of mercenaries. Wait a moment... did you say Raven mercenaries? 2 - 2.5 hour adventure designed to run at night -- never offered commercially.
The Mission of the Necromancer (re-release)
Now a 2.5 - 3 hour adventure run Summer 1992 - 1993

The City

Our grande finale, run in 1993 for our long term players when the decision to stop the LARP side of the operation had been made.