Welcome. Tabula Rasa is a compendium of material on a number of esoteric subjects, maintained by David Carroll and Kyla Ward. Read the history of horror, in Australia and abroad, and browse through the comics gallery, our RPG archives and more. We are very proud that our novel Prismatic has won an Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel.

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Kyla's story, "Cursebreaker: the Mutalibeen and the Memphite Mummies" was published in Hear Me Roar. "The Leucrotta" is her entry in Gods, Memes and Monster: A Twenty-First Century Bestiary. Passing roleplayers may find Tales of Inappropriate LARP amusing. Read our reviews of Christian Read's Nil-Pray, The Body Horror Book, Kaaron Warren's The Grief Hole, Cat Sparks' Lotus Blue, Gary Kemble's Bad Blood, Gillian Polack's The Time of the Ghosts. For more, check What's New.